If you’re new to renovation, it’s natural for you to have some questions. Here, we’ve made a collection of the most common ones we’ve got till now.

Why bother with the renovation?

Well we don’t know about the amateur ones, but a good renovation will let you keep up the latest trends. And of course, brighten up your space. Whether you’re looking for something for personal like a home renovation or something commercial like a full building renovation.

Why a professional?

You might think an amateur or wannabe renovator may do the job. They’re cheap anyway. Think of it more like an operation, who you want in there changing your space. Someone who’s been doing this for 15+ years and has an experienced team of professionals or some nobody.

I can’t afford to renovate

We might just come out straight up clean on this, a good renovation takes good resources. If you can’t afford it all at once. We can help you get a loan, we do all the work and help you navigate through the paperwork and make sure you a deal that’s best for you. You can always afford the renovation of your dreams.

I want luxury furniture but everything good is way too expensive

We all have that situation every once in a while, especially when we go for home-related purchases. We check out a couple of stores, finally fall in love with something and it turns out to way out of your range. RenoMate would like to change that, come with us on buying trips to China. Get a wider range of selections and pay up to 70% less relative to what you’ll pay in India. We’ll make handle all the booking, organization and customs making sure you get the best deal.

I want to renovate my building but not sure where to start

Well to start off, renovating a building is not a one day job, it’s a huge task. Not only that, you need someone the keep in check that your building doesn’t only turn out to be magnificent but stays that way. Someone who has experience with working at this scale. That’s where we come in, 15 years of experience, 500+ workforce, connections with the best manufacturers. Does it get any better than this?

How will an office renovation benefit me?

To start off, if you have a good renovation under the supervision of a true professional. Your work environment will look much better, a healthier environment attracts the best in your business to work with you cause they see you as the one who wants to move forward. Eventually improving your business’s bottom line. It’s recommended that you get your office renovated every year to keep that magic alive.

Why should I trust you with my construction project?

Building a building from ground up is not an easy feat but we are sure we can pull it off as smoothly as all of our other project. To state the obvious, we have 15+ years of experience, an experienced workforce of 500+ professionals that have executed 100+ projects all over India. Once your project is with us, you can relax, you’re with the best.

What if I want to renovate but can’t afford those expensive designers?

You might be one of those people, who want to change their place but are not sure how. And hiring that expensive pro designer for ideas will put a deep hole in your pocket. And the cheap ones, don’t know what they’re doing and provide low quality renders. We give you consultation from our top designers who have been through 100+ projects and give you a top quality 3D render at an affordable price. Sounds a like a good deal?