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We believe that everyone deserves their dream renovation no matter how challenging is to achieve them. At RenoMate, we strive to make your dreams come true with little to no disruption to your current lives. With our experienced and creative teams and their top-notch execution. We will not only meet but exceed your expectations. Here you can expect top-of-the-line seamless solutions to all your renovation needs.

What sets us apart from other renovators?

You may ask this question how are we any different from the next renovator or anyone who claims to be an expert? Well, let us paint the picture for you here what sets us apart is

      Our commitment to customer service
      Personal communication with our clients and interior designers
      Superior Craftsmanship
      High quality of our work
      Our rigorous attention to detail
      Fair pricing
      Timeliness of the completion of our projects

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Our Team

Anurag Kesarwani

Co-Founder & CEO

Santosh Rathi

Legal Consultant & Advisor
Virat Sharma | TechVire

Virat Sharma

Digital Marketing Manager
Utkarsh Singh | Techvire

Utkarsh Singh

Content Writer