Uncommon false ceiling ideas you need to see

unusual false ceiling

Previously, we looked at the choices we have for a good expert recommended false ceiling remodeling.  Now let’s look at something unusual, something that will make your place stand out among all your peers.

Synthetic leather

This sounds really strange, right? I mean who in their right mind, puts up leather for their ceiling. We don’t live in a cave anymore, as tempting as that sounds. The thing is, using synthetic leather for a false ceiling is quite new. The ceiling will consist of synthetic leather and polystyrene for support. It’s very light, really quick to install. And obviously, something that’ll make your home totally unique.


glass false ceiling

The glass used here isn’t the one in your crockery. It’s just finer, transparent fiberglass. Only glass won’t cut it if you truly want to make your house unique. Pair the glass with wood or even better metal. Safety wise it’s fireproof, looks elegant and overall aesthetically awesome. Another perk of a glass false ceiling is that it is aluminum for trapping heat during the colder seasons.


metal false ceiling

Now using metal sounds like going a little too far. You might have not seen one by now as these are pretty rare. But that doesn’t mean it can’t look great. Metal false ceiling gives your home a rustic look. Well, before you think about it I do agree that no one has ever said, “Hey look how pretty is that iron and industrial grade aluminum!”. But if polished right, they look pretty damn elegant. This one’s the cheapest on the list and quickest to install. And leaves virtually no leftovers, fewer chances of your maid leaving you.

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