Simple false ceiling material giving breathtaking results

false ceiling

A good false ceiling never fails to give a whole new look to your place. If the work is really good, you’ll be staring at your ceiling more than a normal person should. Now to make this happen we have a variety of options to start with. That might get overwhelming of some of you guys out there. That’s why here we’ll be discussing the best-selling, expert recommended materials you can use for your false ceiling remodeling.


gypsum false ceiling

Gypsum requires a little work to start with. You need an iron framework to support it. As a false ceiling made out of gypsum can’t hold it’s weight on its own for prolonged periods of time. Gypsum is your go-to material if you want to hide those not so eye pleasing electrical cables and pipelines while looking smooth and elegant. Using it is also relatively cheap. It’s fireproof and sound insulated, so there you have your safety and comfort. The installation will be quick, so less hassle for you.

Plaster of Paris

pop false ceiling

It’s THE most common material used for false ceilings in the whole industry. POP is highly customizable, easy to mold so what you can design stops at the limits of your imagination. It’s best suited with warm lighting. For best results combine POP with another material like glass or wood. And you’ll be amazed by what you’ve achieved.


wood false ceiling

Wood never disappoints, best choice if you want to reflect natural beauty inside your four walls. Even better if it’s combined with a wooden floor. Gives your home a warm, cozy kind of feeling. Wooden panels can be used to create many patterns as they’ve been around for a while. There will be many ideas out there for you to try.

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