Quality material choices for your rental renovation

Now that you’ve chosen the right renovation plan and painting your walls with neutral colors. It’s time to choose the best materials for rest of your renovation. It’s best we follow our philosophy of getting the cheap and durable material that requires the least maintenance. Here let’s focus on the essentials, mainly cabins, counters that make the overall kitchen.

What are we looking for in our material?

renovation countertops

For cabins, counters and vanities the key factor we’re looking here is it looks trendy yet nothing flashy but neutral colors. Something that’s durable and still in your budget. Our focus will be mid-range material, nothing too cheap and nothing too fancy. While picking the material keep in mind the renter’s rampant negligence and lack of maintenance doesn’t undo your renovation completely.

For kitchens overall, as the space is limited but we want to make the kitchen feel roomier. Like larger than they actually are, though light colors are best to make this happen. But that’ll invite overtime wear of stains that’ll make your renovation feel dull, stinky-yellowish. You don’t want that, so go with darker tones or wood tones. As those are pretty resilient to splatter and food stains. Totally stay away from glass cabinets for obvious reasons that I don’t think you want me to go in again.

What are your best options?

quartz renovation material

When it comes to the countertops, basically the place your tenant will keep their eyes on every time the chop something. Here I can suggest you two of the best options. First is to go for the quartz, that’s a bit pricier but the surface is really resilient to stains, low maintenance looks fancy and of course, is durable.

Secondly, if you’re a little short on cash and want to take your chances. Go for granite, the choice is a little old but it’ll be cheaper. Requires some maintenance, remember the thing I talked about granite being old? You can give it a positive spin, as when done right it’ll make your place look classy. It’s also durable and aesthetically pleasant.

Always leave extra space

dishwasher space kitchen

Now, regardless of whether you’re providing appliances or not, leave room for dishwasher and ovens. As it helps you in two ways, a renter can customize the place a bit if he/she wants to. And if you ever decide to move in/put in the appliances, you won’t have to make any likes changes in your kitchen. For sinks, go with the over-mount ones. As they’re again easy to maintain and if you can replace them without ever affecting your countertops.

As renovations aren’t the cheapest services in the world, keep your focus on how this will affect me in 5 years and determine the lifetime value of the improvements. For this, and I can’t stress this enough. Go to a professional who like us, has great execution. And can have an honest conversation with you about the longevity of your renovation. 

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