Do you need a rental renovation?

Rental Apartment

Now that you’ve bought a great property that you really don’t plan on living in. Renovation doesn’t really make much sense here, does it? Renting is a great idea for you. That way you cover your mortgage while making a profit. Also, you have someone to take care of your apartment for you. What more do you really need? 

Do I need a renovation?

vacation home
Vacation Home

Either it’s a vacation house you want to rent for like a month or two, which will be true for some of you out there. Then I’ll say you really don’t need a renovation, as you’re looking for short-term tenants. And you can tune out right now, as rest of the article won’t help you that much.

For the rest of your out there, who are looking for long terms tenants. I’ll say a good renovation always pays off in the long term. Renovating for rental is almost the same as the one you’ll get for your own house. It’s just your goals are different. Most renovation you see have the goal of personalizing the space, here we’ll be going totally opposite to that instinct. Instead of making it personal to you, it’s better to focus on making your apartment look good for a long period of time without much maintenance.

Getting started

building permit
Building Permit

Getting started with your renovation can be tough as you might have no idea where to start and what to do and not do short-term if it’s your first renovation that’s not for you. The best way to start will be the way I started writing this article, look around.

In short, take a look at other rented apartments in your neighborhood. Take note of what they’ve done with the place. How one it different from the other and how much they get per month from the tenants. Once, with your list, outline what you want. Then like always, sort them into must-haves and nice-to-haves. 

After you know what to do

You’re pretty much all set, just keep in check with the society secretary. As you’ll be having little to no idea about building codes and what’s allowed in your society. Also, let your neighbors know about the renovation and sort out any problems in advance. Rather than severing ties with them even before you start your venture. Now you know what to do, find the right people like RenoMate, who know what they’re doing. And get it over with.

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