Quick guide to painting your first rental apartment

The easiest and cheapest way to turn around your rental property is by painting it. Giving a brand new-ish type of feeling to the tenant, making them feel like that they’ve just bought a brand new apartment. Now the same everything you do in the apartment you intent to rent, is to not make things personal. And don’t go overboard with the budget to get fancy, high-maintenance things. Cause let’s face the music, the tenants won’t take care of your place the way you will.

Selecting the right paint

Color Palette

As far as it’s about selecting the paints. Focus on semi-gloss that don’t look painfully cheap and are durable. You don’t wanna go around every year to paint that place draining your account and causing unnecessary problems to the tenants. Remember how we discussed not going in personal on the choices? Keeping up with that policy, avoid flashy colors and go for neutrals. Like your dad would’ve done with his place (yep among others things, he was right here too).

Presentation wise, your apartment should give the feeling of clean and working. Especially keep this in mind when working with kitchens and bathrooms. If you want to lend your place soon, during your renovation think of tenants as home buyers. 

Painting with the right colors 


Now let’s get down to the real stuff, what colors you should pick? For rooms and halls, go with warm white that says, “Hey stranger, you’re welcome here!”. Or go for anything white related, say cream tones. Do whatever you want, but never ever go for gray for the rooms and hall, you don’t want your property to say, “Hello darkness, my old friend”. 

Then let’s focus on the high traffic rooms, the kitchens, and bathrooms. Here, go for High/semi-gloss paints as higher the shine, the easier to maintain. For kitchen don’t go for light colors as stains overtime will make it look discolored. Look for shades of gray/black here as that’ll comfortably hide the stains for a long time. Lastly, go for whatever color you want in the bathrooms but keep in mind the overload of moisture you’ll exposing the paint to


Now, that’s about getting an idea. For painting, as long as you don’t paint the walls in your neighborhood. Hiring an expert is your best bet. Folks here at RenoMate know what they’re doing, hire them and just get back to do whatever you were doing. Cause they’ll get the job done in no time.

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