Passive renovation techniques that will save you a fortune

In my previous article, I discussed the prospect of a renovation that maintains the comfort and temperature of your home. Without the use of any active mechanical systems, like air conditioners, space heaters or full-fledged HVAC systems.

While passive renovations cost 10 to 15 percent more than a traditional renovation. They also pay you back overtime in 70 to 90 percent reduced electrical bills and system servicing costs. 

Now let’s look at some techniques that can help you achieve just that.


The local climate is the deciding factor in your passive renovation. It decides the direction you will go and how far you have to go to achieve the natural passive balance. Once that’s figured out then sophisticated computer data models are used to find the ideal way to get your energy use down to near zero. This will we provided by your contractor with an estimated budget and time required for execution.


Cutting off the outside air

We’ll start with super insulation. That just means passive renovated houses require much more insulation than normal houses do whether it’s in a cold climate or a warm one. To reach those levels of insulation, you can use brownstone like floors and insulation between the walls.

Airtight house

If you’re still in the construction phase, aim for a tight construction. House has to be extremely airtight with very little air filtration possible. This is to prevent outside air disturbing the heated/cooled environment.

The bigger, the better

Use double/triple glazed windows to trap as much sunlight as possible inside accompanied by airtight doors.

Triple glazed windows

Now that your building is airtight, go for mechanical ventilation to control the moisture and air quality. It basically contains energy recovery systems so that outgoing air can either heat or cool incoming fresh air depending upon the requirement of the moment.

Mechanical ventilation system

Use big windows in the right direction to allow sunlight fall inside the house. Accompany that with roof overheads or drapes to help shade during the summers.

Big windows

Passive renovation is not just about energy saving. It also offers quieter environment as no air is going out or coming in so does the noise from outside. Air you have inside is very clean and pure so that’s just an healthier way to live.

Can you do the passive renovation?

It’s mostly easier for new constructions but that goes for every renovation project ever. It can also be done if you own an apartment, your focus should on insulation the exterior walls and roof. Build a tight envelope around your unit. 

Separate it from the outside and rest of the build but clear the changes you are making with your society’s secretary beforehand.

Passive renovated apartment

Although passive renovations still make up a small number when compared to the number of total renovations. But gaining great momentum as more and more people become aware of the benefits, products, and techniques. They’re on their way to make a big-time impact in the standard construction/renovation industry

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