Use passive renovation to save a fortune on your bills


Remember the good old times of your childhood? When you go running around in your grandparent’s house. Mostly during the summers, even without any ACs. It was pleasantly cool. Now, you might blame pollution and global warming, but there’s still a way to experience that summer chill with passive renovations.

What are passive renovations?

Passive renovation

The basis for passive renovations is that it will require no external heating or cooling systems to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the house. Think about the money you’ll save on HVAC systems, ACs and room heaters. Here, the south-facing and comfort are adjusted via passive rather than active mechanical systems.

For example, tweaks like south-facing windows to get more sunlight in. Floor made of dark stones to trap sun’s heat during winters. Also, sophisticated shading to keep stones and room cool during the summers.

Dark floors

Is it beneficial?

Hell yeah, it’s beneficial. It’s the kind of renovation that pays you back overtime. Yeah, no one ever said the renovation is a good investment. With fiscally speaking, this one is. You’re saving money on the active mechanical systems like ACs. Also, you’re saving at least 70 to 90 percent on your electrical bills. Saving you money while helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Also making the house more comfortable in general.



Passive renovation requires professional like RenoMate who are familiar with the process of a passive renovation. Someone who has the knowledge of the local climate. And finally, keep in mind this type of renovations cost 10 to 15 percent more than a traditional renovation.

This is not something not everyone can do. You can take your chances if you want or fill out a form at Renomate with the link below. And sit back and relax cause we know what we’re doing


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