More genuine IKEA Furniture to relax and unwind

One of the great ways to make your house look good is with the help of the right furniture. That’s relatively cheap, looks great also adds a lot of functionality to your house. Speaking of furniture, IKEA recently launched its stores in India. The Swedish furniture giant is known for its simplicity. You might think they’re expensive but they cover a large spectrum. Here are some cheap ones for you to brighten up your place.

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Chairs for you to relax

Agen Rattan Chair @3990


Agen Rattan Chair

If you’re a fan of handmade products. This IKEA product can be a great fit for you. Perfect to be put in any corner of the living room or bedroom or even the balcony. I’ll prefer it for reading in the living though. Add cushions to make it comfier, so you can fall asleep while reading.

Outdoor Lounger @4490


Brommo Outdoor Lounger

This is one a good fit for outdoors if you feel like. Just fold it, put it in the trunk and go out on a road trip. Or you can just vacation at home with this one. Adding cushion will obviously elevate the level of comfort. Just sit and relax, it’s a lounging chair after all.

Tables to dine

Children’s Picnic Table @3490


Reso Children’s Picnic Table

Lovely to sit outside, put it in a lawn or balcony or maybe for your miniature tree collection. It’s all up to you.

Nest of Tables @4990

Granboda Nest of Tables

This is a real space saver, made of steel so sturdy. Looks great, gives a minimalistic feel, for a set of three tables. When you have friends over, use it for the snacks and drinks. On all other days, make it your drink spot when you’re on your binge watch marathon. Gives you the perfect height, not overreach and prevent you from spilling anything on your couch.

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