Gypsum or POP for your false ceiling?

Gypsum and POP are almost the go-to material when you want to do a false ceiling remodeling. But which one is better for you? Is it the good old Plaster of Paris that has solved most of your little construction problems or this gypsum thing. The short answer is gypsum still let’s take a deeper look.


pop vs gypsum

Gypsum is lately the most widely used material for false ceiling renovations. Plaster of Paris’s use has become almost non-existent in most of the metropolitan cities. Also, most of the big time designers exclusively work with gypsum boards for a very basic reason. They’re able to finish more projects with a great finish in lesser time than before.

That mostly because gypsum boards are customizable, gives the quality finish and are faster to execute. You can still use Plaster of Paris if your budget modest, or your live somewhere where Plaster of Paris boards are more widely available. A rare case but that’s the only situation where using a Plaster of Paris board is beneficial for you.

Gypsum false ceilings are all good


Gypsum boards are almost perfect. a But for the cost, it provides a seamless finish with minimum joints. It’s versatile as it’s available in 9, 12 and 15 mm thickness also in sizes from 4*6 to 4*10 feet. As mentioned before, it’s easier to work with. Means cheaper labor and effortless delivery.

POP boards are well


POP boards are cheaper than gypsum boards. All depends upon the quality and availability of both in the local market. Unfortunately, POP boards don’t have the gypsum boards. This a limits the designs you can implement upon the skill set of your professional. It’s mostly available in the standard size of 2*2 feet boards. Requires skilled labor for a well-finished design.

In conclusion

gypsum false ceiling luxury

The higher costs of gypsum boards are worth it. Considering it’s versatility and a smooth finish in less time. You can also add multiple layers. Maybe combine it with plywood, glass or metal. It’s all up to your imagination.

Whether you go with POP or gypsum, we can give you your dream design with either in no time. Fill out a form with the link below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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