Fundamental tips for your next renovation

If you ever looking to renovate your home, knowing basics will always make your life easier. You already have a lot on your mind when you go for a renovation. The materials, timings, costs, deadlines and negotiating with contractors and designers. Knowing these basic tips interior designing tips will make your life easier.

Replacing Spotlights with LEDs


LED Spotlights in house

Well, you know that LEDs save you money but many have the misconception that low volt LEDs won’t match the brightness of regular spotlights. Well with the current tech that’s not the case. Plus you have an array of options, from different colors to voltages to even shapes.

You can even control the high-end ones with your phones and change the lighting according to the mood if that’s not soothing. I don’t know what is. Also, it might seem expensive when you buy them but they pay their worth back over time. Also replacing fewer bulbs never hurts someone.

Better quality cement


Better cement

Going for cheaper cement options seem tempting but don’t do that for mainly two reasons. Firstly, of course, better quality, second this protects your workers’ hands from nasty chemical reactions. If you do care about them, go for a brand like UltraTech. Rest it’s up to you.

Use of Acid


Acid for cleaning

We use acids generally for unclogging but it’s also tempting to use it to some stains and get the new shine back. Now, this is a grey area, I’m not saying don’t use that option altogether. But there are conditions, it may react with your tiles and will definitely react with the marbles. For the most part just stay away from marbles as acid reacts with marble and the outcome isn’t great.



Wallpapers for home

In my personal opinion, don’t use wallpapers. They are almost impossible to clean and doesn’t even look that good compared to textured paint surfaces. Still, if you are hellbent on using wallpapers, go for the Marshal brand ones. Those are used by almost every good contractor in India.

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