Industry approved ways to a tremendous flooring job for your rental

Now that you’re done with almost everything. You might have some extra cash left on you, if you’ve used rest of our ways for the rental renovation. If that’s the case, there’s a chance to increase the value of your rent every month by a little more. Do the flooring, no nothing like fancy marble and stuff. Just some good looking, under budget and durable flooring.

Don’t do this…

carpet in a apartment

Let’s start with what not to do as that’s the easiest ones to follow. No matter what you feel like about them, stay away from carpets. Some people like them, some don’t. Some will think it’s nice and cozy, some will think it just compiles all the surrounding dust in one place. And you don’t want to take that “maybe” chance.

Just for the sake of this discussion, let’s just say they like carpets. Now they still have to clean and maintain it and they might want you to cover those costs. That is something you never want to or shouldn’t have to do. Let the carpet likers bring their own, that way they’ll give a personal spin to their new homes. Also helps in keeping the noise down, if you’re above the ground floor.

Now what to do about flooring?

wooden flooring with oil based finish

Your best bet is to go with wooden floors. They are pretty forgiving when it comes to stains and maintenance. Go for the darker natural colored ones, as they don’t show scratches easily. As our main focus here is durability, something that looks as good as new overtime. Go with an oil-based finish, a little expensive compared to a water-based finish but worth the money. Do check with the society’s secretary if they have any problems as wood drying odors aren’t the most pleasant fragrances.

Porcelain tiles

For bathroom go with porcelain tiles, your best bet. For the color, choose shades of grey over the white. As white overtime will look yellow and dirty, and of course you don’t want that. Do keep an eye on the “rate per square feet” as the difference between 15/40 per square feet won’t feel much until you do all the bathroom and the difference begins to widen.

If you’re a little short on cash, just do the showering areas and you’ll be fine. Like the kitchen, even if you are not installing one yourself. Save the room for a decent bathtub. If you already have one, have it coated/resurface to fix the chips and yellowness.

bathroom tub in a apartment

In the end

Now as this is the last post in the renal renovation series, keep in mind this. Your tenant just wants to feel comfortable, they Somethingwant light, some views and storage space. Do what you can to make this happens, while staying in your financial comfort zone.

I hope you’re not thinking about doing the flooring yourself. Fill out a form at Renomate before you go. And we’ll work it out for you. After your call, you’ll walk out feeling free and happy instead of frustrated and burdened. That’s our promise

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