Tips for your false ceiling that you can exploit

You know what makes your false ceiling remodeling successful. The options you can choose from and how to save money on your renovation. Still, if you’re wondering what it actually costs to do the renovation we have table for you. Courtesy: UrbanClap  

The table covers almost all the major metropolitan cities. Also gives you an idea how much you renovation for the false ceiling is going to cost you. And whether your contractor is charging you more than usual. Cause if you’re like me, you don’t do renovation everyday to have an average price idea.


BELOW THE TABLE: There will be some insider tips curated only for your to make your renovation experience even better. 


All rates are for one square ft of the material used

*These approximations takes account for gypsum panels, aluminum framework, and labor costs for a single level design

**Approximation vary so much cause the type of wood drastically varies the cost of the construction

What no one tells you

POP Molding

Suppliers, contractors and designers used POP and gypsum interchangeably. They mean gypsum by default. If you want to go for a POP ceiling, do specifically as ask them.

POP ceiling also refers to the decorative moldings on sides of the ceiling and over the base of fans and chandeliers. Rates depend upon the size and design

Most popular brand for gypsum is Gyproc by Saint Gobain

Gyproc by saint gobain

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