Color Cues: Decorate With Blue

From the sky to the water,the color blue is all around you in nature. Known for its peaceful quality, this versatile hue ranges from playful baby blues to elegant indigos. And because its many shades and moods continue to inspire decorators,it’s being crowned the color of the season. Look on to discover the power of blue and the different ways to feature it in your home.

Blue & The Color Wheel

Blue & The Color Wheel
Blue & The Color Wheel

While there are many brilliant colors to choose from this month is dedicated to one of the most beloved primary colors, blue. Whether you love to contrast this hue with orange or you want to feature an array of its beautiful tones, you’re sure to find some inspiring ideas on ways to decorate with blue.

Monochromatic Blue

Monochromatic Blue

This sophisticated and soothing scheme lends itself well to modern spaces. It use stints and shades of one color, staying within the same column on the color wheel. A monochromatic scheme for blue might feature a range of tones from pale periwinkle to hydra blue.

Complementary Blue

Complementary  Blue – Orange

Opposites attract as proven by this scheme which pairs two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. These colors complement each other, adding interest and energy to a room. Looking at the color wheel, you can see that the complement of blue is orange.

Split Complementary of Blue

Split-complementary of Blue – Orange-Red

Harmonious yet interesting, split-complementary colors will give your room just enough contrast. To find the split complement of blue, look to the left and right of its complement, orange. In the case of blue, the split-complementary scheme would include yellow-orange and orange-red.

Analogous Blue

Analogous Blue – Blue Purple and Blue Green

Perhaps one of the most pleasing palettes, analogous colors reside right next to each other on the color wheel. For example, a blue analogous color scheme includes blue, blue-green and blue-purple. Since they share a common component, these hues always look good together.

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