Astounding IKEA Furniture to brighten up your place

In the previous article, we went over basic chairs and tables you can get from IKEA to make you place more functional. This is will do just that, but our main focus here is to brighten up your place. With colorful storage units, lights and even mirrors. Doing all that while staying under the budget on of 5,000 INR. Well as I said the last time, IKEA covers a large spectrum of customers.

Furniture to store your stuff

Storage Combination @4150


Lixhult Storage Combination

If your home is neutral colored, this storage unit will really be an eye-catcher. It’s versatile, comes in many shapes. You can ever arrange it like Lego blocks in some models. Use it anywhere, can be a right next to the bed, or in the kitchen and just the good old storeroom might be its place.

Shelf Unit @2880


Dynan Shelf Unit

This one will be best for your bathroom, use it to make your bathroom fancier. Like store bath towels (yeah plural), scented candles and bath salts. A little-potted plant would also be a nice spin to the area.

Bookcase @3990


Billy Bookcase

Takes minimal space, keep photos frames, trophies or souvenirs. Or just books, if you really like to read and want to keep a bookcase, a bookcase. You can put this on either bedroom or living room for the best effects.

Lamps to brighten up your place

Pendant Lamp @3990


Pendant Lamp

Use this handmade hanging lamp, in front of the house, or in the balcony. Or just let it hang in the dining area. This might be just what you were looking for if you like bamboo made products.

Floor lamp @1090


Floor lamp

This one looks vintage and is basically a straight lamp from the floor, also so far cheapest on the list. Put it near a couch or bed. Else it’s your choice, what more can I say?

Comfy furniture

Sandared Pouffe @2990


Sandared Pouffe

Well, it’s more like a fancy stool, or a mini bean bag. Put your feet on it, and just relax also it’s anti-slip so the focus in on your comfort.

Standing Mirror @4490


Standing Mirror

This one can be a huge mirror, in one corner of your bedroom. Which come to think of it can be scary at night, still looks the best with a neutral background. Also adds a unique vibe to your room. You can even hang your clothes behind it if you’re the one to prep things in advance.

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