6 factors that will make your false ceiling remodeling cheaper

Now that you’ve decided that you want to remodel your ceiling. You still are caught up in a lot of options. Like different types of materials, different contractors with their own pros and cons. Prices are moving wildly from high to low. What to do here? Here are some insights from the industry for a better understanding of why the false ceiling cost what it costs.

False Ceiling Design

false ceiling elaborate

The elaborate the design, more difficult it will be to execute. It’ll require more hours, more materials and highly skilled labor to execute perfectly. Thus it’ll be more expensive. Go for minimalist designs, that will make the house look good while saving you money.

false ceiling design Minimalist


Here it’s just simple economics working out. The higher the demand of the materials, the higher will the competition. Thus, more room for you to choose and bargain. Aim for materials that are abundant in the market understanding you can negotiate your way through low pricing.


Material’s quality will determine whether your ceiling will last understanding years or have to be repaired next year because of the damages. Here do not compromise, but also take your renovators consultation so you don’t end up getting ripped off for quality. Still, don’t expect big savings in this division.

Area covered

As per the common misconception, the bigger ceiling doesn’t have to be the twice the price of smaller ones. If your contractor says so, change them RIGHT NOW. For bigger areas, the price per square foot can be negotiated down almost to 30 to 40 percent.

False Ceiling big

If you’re doing it under budget, go with this priority list. Hall, lobby, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Just go as far as your budget allows, for minimum do the hall and lobby.


If you plan on mixing up materials for your ceiling which is definitely a good idea. You should consider some costs. Commercial plywood is cheap and a viable option. Waterproof marine ply will make a dent on your wallet. PVC is understanding than both, more durable with almost the same appearances. Also easier to clean and of course termites aren’t interested in PVC. 

For finishing go for lamination over veneers as that’s just unnecessary expense for your false ceiling.


Depends upon kind of glass you’re using whether it’s clear, textured, frosted or opaque. Also the size and brand used. You can look for some cheaper alternatives like acrylic but their diffusion of light will be a little different than the glass. Next best thing is fiberglass, that’s mostly used in the commercial project but nothing’s stopping you from using it in your home. It’s durable, low maintenance and under your budget most of the times. 

glass false ceiling-1

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